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A picture is worth a million words. As a volunteer firefighter I appreciate your invention and know that you have changed the way we all think of personal protection. I wear my FR DUS-T and know that I am protected thanks to you!!! One day the DUS_T will be in everyone's kit.

- Bajadi

The DUS-T has helped me get back in the yard mowing the lawn which i haven't been able to do for 4 years because of my level 4 allergies. Thank You! 

- Bruce C.

I can't do yard work without my DUS-T. It protects my face and body better than anything I've ever tried before, I took this shot after weed whipping, I love it!

- Diane V.



Here's a photo of my son wearing his DUS-T while he shovels out the chicken coop.  He also wears a DUS-T to work every day, as his job requires him to be around construction debris.  Rigid masks are always hot and lost, and bandanas just slip off his face.  But the DUS-T is always there and molds to his face.

- Rhonda J.

When I'm cutting and clearing trails in the high country and taking down trees, my DUS-T is the only thing I can trust to be there when I need it to keep flying sawdust and tree debris from my face and nose.  I wouldn't be caught at work without one.

- Dane R.


I can't go to work without my DUS-T, if it's dirty, I wash a load just so i can make sure it's ready for the next day, they are really amazing, thanks!

- Rich G.

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