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About DUS-T

Our mission here at ICHANGE INC.  is to deliver quality-made environmentally friendly products, built right here in the USA, as well as spread awareness of the dangers of respiratory damage and skin disorders caused by everyday exposures to our environment. We are diligently working to ensure a safe workplace for every industry, all while creating a reliable solution to the wasteful disposable masks that have flooded the market. 

Through our internationally patented protective technology, the intent of ICHANGE INC. has been to introduce and implement the DUS-T experience across a variety of industries and professions. As we continue to focus on spreading awareness about the benefits of constant protection, join us on our journey to becoming a global leader in protective apparel.


Steve Baker / ICHANGE, inc CEO

Why DUS-T?
why dust

Disposable masks are wasteful, difficult to use, uncomfortable, and easily misplaced.

DUS-T was designed with convenience, comfort, safety, and sustainability in mind.

Constant use of a protective face mask has proven to diminish dangers of lung damage and subsequent disease, caused by over exposure to airborne contaminates. DUS-T provides exceptional coverage compared to the standard mask used in most labor industries, creating protection for the entire neck and lower face, areas that which WHO (World Health Organization) reports 80% of cases of skin cancer are contracted. Sunburns, brown spots, accelerated aging and skin cancer are all greatly diminished by cloth covering over the skin.

DUS-T's design makes it ideal for all, from the working contractor and the hobbyist gardener working under the same sun, to the wary airport traveler and off-roader bicyclist enjoying time off.

How to Use your            DUS-T
how to use Dust

 Your DUS-T is made to fit closely to your body. A tight fit will provide snug protection, preventing dirt and debris from entering the mask. Loose fitting garments are not advised while using power tools as they may get caught up in the tooling during operation and cause serious harm to the user. If you require a looser fit, just stretch it for the desired fit, and use the short sleeve DUS-T when more appropriate.

Before pulling up your mask or putting it back down into the collar, make sure your hands are clean and free of debris that might get in on the inside of the mask and jeopardize your protection.
When using your DUS-T face piece, use your index finger and put it inside the mask nose piece after you pull the mask over your face and lift up, unfolding it and placing it on the bridge of your nose. The ear-loops will ensure the mask won't fall off your face while using the mask.
When working in areas where additional protection is needed from dust and debris and you are without a filter, dampen the face piece with a little water. This will help block out additional unwanted materials from entering the mask.
When protection is no longer needed, roll it down about three times to the inside, grab your T-shirt collar with your index finger and thumbs. With your other fingers and push the mask down into the collar pocket. This will keep the mask clean until needed again.
If your DUS-T becomes too dirty on the job, stop using the mask and get another form of protection until you can properly clean your garment. The DUS-T is a shirt built to help decrease the amount of debris and irritants that are inhaled on a daily basis in most active workers lives and the responsibility lies with the user to determine if additional protection is needed.
Use your head when using any protection on the market and make sure you predetermine if you are using the right protection, if there is any doubt, stop what you are doing and either consult a professional or contact the manufacturer to make sure you are using proper protection. 
 DUS-T without a filter...
 general farming, landscaping, gardening, general construction, domestic work, attics, basements, light drywall, general labor, colds, coughs, pollen, Non Toxic dust, allergies, outdoor crowded public events, airplanes or trains during operation, quick tasks that don't require certain protection that is specified by others. 
 Times when a filter is recommended:
Concrete cutting, rock crushing, mining, indoor areas where air flow is limited or a confined space, surfboard shaping, smoke or fume filled areas where air quality is questionable, while working with certain cleaning agents, when additional protection is obviously needed for a longer duration in questionable areas. Please use your DUS-T responsibly.
Places not recommended for the DUS-T
Areas that require air purifying or oxygen- fed hoods and/or masks.
Dealing with asbestos and other unidentified and or toxic materials.
Where specified safety equipment is required to fulfill laws and regulations specific to a task or related need.
Working with liquid contaminates that would require additional protection to shield against such materials.
Areas known to contain biologically hazardous materials including but not limited to gases, liquids and or other harmful substances.

DUS-T has been seen on:

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